Vocabulary | Winter, 2016

There is big news coming to the world of vocab and xAPI, but it’s not ready to publish quite yet. The ADL Working Group has been working on a specification for xAPI vocab which will help all of us work with vocab. We will post details as we can.

There are a few new entries in the index for Activity Types, Extensions, and Verbs. There are no changes to Attachments.

Activity Types

  • Chat Channel – A channel, room or conversation within an instant chat application such as Slack.
  • Chat Message – A message sent or received within the context of an instant chat platform such as Slack. The id of this activity should uniquely identify the particular chat message.
  • Code Commit – A commit to a code repository e.g. Github.
  • Grade classification – Represents a grade given or received within a particular context. For example, a distinction within XYZ music test.
  • Tweet – A short message sent on Twitter. Used with the ‘tweeted’ verb.


  • Logged-in – Indicates the actor gained access to a system or service by identifying and authenticating with the credentials provided by the actor.
  • Logged-out – Indicates the actor either lost or discontinued access to a system or service.


  • CMI Interaction Weighting –  A number that indicates the importance of this interaction relative to other interactions. Corresponds to ‘cmi.interactions[x].weighting’.


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