Growing xAPI to Scale

by Aaron E. Silvers (President & Executive Director, The Data Interoperability Standards Consortium)

img_5104A week ago, through our Connections Forum, Megan and I saw our 9th xAPI Camp come to a close. This one was the first time we assembled presenters with case studies focused on a particular domain: Healthcare. Of the five presentations, there were three case studies of xAPI’s use related to resuscitation, preventative care or recovery.

Resuscitation. xAPI is being employed in a hospital to improve Code Blue responses. Consider that xAPI is literally being used to save lives. [Read more…]

The Way of xAPI’s Consortium

By Aaron E. Silvers (Partner, MakingBetter)

Meeting by Jesus Puertas from the Noun Project

For the last two years the xAPI specification has largely gone unchanged. Its resilience and stability enables what those of us who work with xAPI are clearly feeling: this thing is starting to take off. It didn’t start out as a sure thing; there were major obstacles in our path.

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