Don’t Eat the Elephant

By Myra Travin (Educational Futurist)

Don't Eat the Elephant

It’s no surprise that the first product adopters to implement Experience API were eLearning authoring tools, with a quick follow of mobile learning apps. It’s not surprising because the one factor that drives most everything in the learning space has less to do with learners than authors: expediency. We are designing under deadline and budget constraints and as learning specialists—we are where the buck really stops.

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You Can Get There From Here: The xAPI Learner Personalization Framework

By Myra Travin (Educational Futurist)

“The simplicity that precedes complexity is useless; the simplicity that follows complexity is the pearl of great price.” — Marvin Anderson

One of the greatest obstacles to the implementation of xAPI in organizations is the tension between the need for a turnkey solution and a highly personalized learning experience environment. In my xAPI Camp session held at Amazon in July, I introduced the concept of a personalized learning framework—an application that recognizes individual learner performance data and predictability and places it within a framework for implementation. [Read more…]