Don’t Eat the Elephant

By Myra Travin (Educational Futurist)

Don't Eat the Elephant

It’s no surprise that the first product adopters to implement Experience API were eLearning authoring tools, with a quick follow of mobile learning apps. It’s not surprising because the one factor that drives most everything in the learning space has less to do with learners than authors: expediency. We are designing under deadline and budget constraints and as learning specialists—we are where the buck really stops.

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DIY – Your First xAPI Project

By Sean Putman (VP of Learning and Development, Altair Engineering)


Are you ready to give xAPI a try, but not sure where to start or what it means to take a project on yourself? Having been there, I can tell you it is possible to do this. [Read more…]

News for Youse | Jisc/Apereo Learning Analytics Hackathon

By Megan Bowe (Partner, MakingBetter)

This hackathon is happening as a preconference activity to the SOLAR’s Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference (LAK16) in Edinburgh. The hackathon will be two days, April 25th and 26th. We’re psyched because this hackathon will focus on interoperability, particularly in xAPI vocabulary. [Read more…]

News for Youse | Design and Learning Cohorts 1/2016

By Megan Bowe (Partner, MakingBetter)

Over the last 3 years, ADL has run xAPI design cohorts. These cohorts gave people a team to collaborate with, supporting active learning about xAPI while designing forward-thinking prototypes and learning experiences. The growth in xAPI adoption and the increasing demand for the program became more than ADL’s dedicated xAPI team could sustain. With so many competing priorities, they no longer have the capacity to run these community cohorts.

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Events | Winter, 2016

We don’t want you all to get too excited, but the JISC/Apereo Learning Analytics Hackathon is going to focus on xAPI! This hackathon takes place before LAK 16 (Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference). Profiles and vocabulary interoperability will be the main topics. This is a perfect group of people to tackle this and a great environment to work in. Please join us if you have the vocab itch.

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Vocabulary | Winter, 2016

There is big news coming to the world of vocab and xAPI, but it’s not ready to publish quite yet. The ADL Working Group has been working on a specification for xAPI vocab which will help all of us work with vocab. We will post details as we can. [Read more…]

Life in a Post-SCORM World, Part 1

by Megan Torrance (President, TorranceLearning)

5 Moments of Learning NeedI spend a great deal of time talking with instructional designers and learning & development leaders about xAPI, and I get a lot of questions. Most are new to the concept, and they’re taking in a giant fire hose of information all at once. It’s hard for these professionals to know where to start, particularly because adopting xAPI successfully requires a mindset shift. [Read more…]

Fall, 2015 | Table of Contents

Welcome to the premiere issue of the xAPI Quarterly! This is the first rodeo of many to come. Four times a year (hence the “Quarterly”) we will gather and organize the newest and most relevant information about xAPI to give to you. We didn’t even print it on paper, because we know how infuriating that is to the trees.

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You Can Get There From Here: The xAPI Learner Personalization Framework

By Myra Travin (Educational Futurist)

“The simplicity that precedes complexity is useless; the simplicity that follows complexity is the pearl of great price.” — Marvin Anderson

One of the greatest obstacles to the implementation of xAPI in organizations is the tension between the need for a turnkey solution and a highly personalized learning experience environment. In my xAPI Camp session held at Amazon in July, I introduced the concept of a personalized learning framework—an application that recognizes individual learner performance data and predictability and places it within a framework for implementation. [Read more…]

Practicing Instructional Design with xAPI: Veterinary Technician Certification

By Laura Bunte (Consultant Services Lead, Stratagem)

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Expanding Learner Experiences

The face of today’s corporate training is changing; Instructional designers are now, more than ever before, required to design real-world learning activities and more meaningful interactions for a mobile workforce.  [Read more…]