The Way of xAPI’s Consortium

By Aaron E. Silvers (Partner, MakingBetter)

Meeting by Jesus Puertas from the Noun Project

For the last two years the xAPI specification has largely gone unchanged. Its resilience and stability enables what those of us who work with xAPI are clearly feeling: this thing is starting to take off. It didn’t start out as a sure thing; there were major obstacles in our path.

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The Generation Challenge: Articulating the Problem Definition

By Ben Erlandson (CTO, McKinsey Social Initiative)


This article extends a conversation held at xAPI Camp Amazon during July 2015 in Seattle, where we discussed the role xAPI could play in the scaling of the Generation employment program.  [Read more…]

xAPIsec: Towards an information security protocol for xAPI

By Shelly Blake-Plock (CEO, Yet Analytics)

Screen Shot 2015-09-23 at 12.42.46 PM

In June 2015, the White House’s Office of Management and Budget (OMB) issued a Memorandum, which mandates the exclusive use of HTTPS with HSTS across all Federal government web services. [Read more…]

Lectora Inspire 12.0 | Best Practices for xAPI

By Sean Putman (VP Learning and Development, Altair Engineering)


In terms of xAPI support, Lectora offers a lot right out of the box. Lectora has the ability to assign statement generation to any object within a page using a trigger. Each page also generates its own statement without having to do anything other than set the output type for publishing. [Read more…]

Adobe Captivate 8.0 and 9.0 | Best Practices for xAPI

By Sean Putman (VP Learning and Development, Altair Engineering)


Adobe Captivate will publish content to xAPI version 1.0. Captivate will publish statements that are readable using the slide name. For the most part with Captivate you are tracking very similar things to SCORM with the xAPI output. Captivate uses ADL registered verbs for its output. [Read more…]

Articulate Storyline 2 | Best Practices for xAPI

By Sean Putman (VP Learning and Development, Altair Engineering)

Storyline box

Articulate Storyline 2 will publish content to xAPI version 1.0. It is recommended to get update 5 for Storyline 2 as it will publish the xAPI statement using Name instead of ID which makes the statement human readable and much easier to parse in the visualizations that will be created from the data. [Read more…]

xAPI, what’s it good for anyway?

Craig finds a gif

Why Profiles are Important to xAPI Right Now

by: Megan Bowe

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Vocabulary | Fall, 2015

This is the place where we will update you on any new vocabulary we learn of, inside and outside of profiles.

First Update! We scraped the Rustici registry and ADL’s controlled vocabulary to fill up the index. [Read more…]

Events | Fall, 2015

xAPI Camp: DevLearn – Las Vegas – September 29, 2015

xAPI Camp: CSTD – Toronto – November 17, 2015

xAPI Camp: Autodesk – San Francisco – February 11, 2015

xAPI Camp: JISC – London – April 22, 2015

xAPI Camp Learning Solutions – Orlando – March 15

xAPI Camp mLearnCon – Austin – June 7, 2015