Events | Winter, 2016

We don’t want you all to get too excited, but the JISC/Apereo Learning Analytics Hackathon is going to focus on xAPI! This hackathon takes place before LAK 16 (Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference). Profiles and vocabulary interoperability will be the main topics. This is a perfect group of people to tackle this and a great environment to work in. Please join us if you have the vocab itch.


ATD TechKnowledge xAPI Showcase – Las Vegas – 3 pm January 13, 2016


xAPI Camp: Autodesk – San Francisco – February 11, 2016


xAPI Camp: Learning Solutions – Orlando – March 15, 2016


xAPI Camp: JISC – London – April 22, 2016

JISC/Apereo Learning Analytics Hackathon (xAPI profile focused) at LAK 16 – Edinburgh – April 25 and 26, 2016 


xAPI Camp: mLearnCon – Austin – June 7, 2016

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