News for Youse | Design and Learning Cohorts 1/2016

By Megan Bowe (Partner, MakingBetter)

Over the last 3 years, ADL has run xAPI design cohorts. These cohorts gave people a team to collaborate with, supporting active learning about xAPI while designing forward-thinking prototypes and learning experiences. The growth in xAPI adoption and the increasing demand for the program became more than ADL’s dedicated xAPI team could sustain. With so many competing priorities, they no longer have the capacity to run these community cohorts.

Lucky for all of us, Megan Torrance and her team have stepped up to fill this gap! They are running Learning Cohorts starting on February 11, 2016 (same day as xAPI Camp Autodesk!!). The TorranceLearning team did a quick cohort in the Fall of 2015, I’ve heard it was quite good. You can read more about the upcoming Learning Cohort in this blog post. Tired of reading? Register here.

This is exciting! As ADL transitions to other projects, we as a community have to take leadership of xAPI. This is what DISC will do and it will need the communities’ perpetual involvement. Kudos to Megan and her team for grabbing the cohort torch and running with it.


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