Why Vendors Should Support cmi5


  1. Dear Art,
    Thank you for this and your other articles on xAPI / CMI5 which have been of great assistance in helping me to understand these new standards.
    A couple of questions, if I may:
    – are you aware of any LMS which currently (October 2016) supports CMI5?
    – how long, on your prediction, will it take the major LMS providers to provide such support?
    I would be grateful for your insights.
    Kind regards,
    Grant Bailey

    • Hi Grant,

      Currently I am aware of only one LMS supporting cmi5 (RISC, Inc.), however several have announced support is coming. Full disclosure: I work for RISC. In addition, the Rustici “SCORM Engine” product will support cmi5 very soon, so that will expand the list of cmi5 capable LMS. SCORM Cloud is also going to support cmi5 and rumblings I have heard indicate it is only a matter of days away.

      How long it will take for the major LMS to support cmi5 is hard to guess. We’ve seen already that the “majors” have been slow to adopt xAPI and their support of xAPI is tepid at best. Since a large percentage of LMS use the Rustici SCORM Engine, as long as they are on the current version they have a built-in LRS (whether they know it or not). They basically just need to enable it for their customers. Once they support xAPI, the jump to cmi5 is quite easy.

      Frankly it is customer demand that will drive both xAPI and cmi5 with LMS vendors.



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