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Welcome to our second journal. We’re waiting for winter in the North Eastern US, so here’s some snow to look forward to. This journal features many of the presenters from xAPI Camp Toronto. We also have a couple of exciting pieces of news – cohorts, hackathons, and videos!

The Goods

Best Practices

Sean Putman is back with more guidance on xAPI activity providers. This time he took a deep dive into Claro by dominKnow, check it out here.


Life in a Post-SCORM World, Part 1, by Megan Torrance guides instructional designers and developers from thinking in a courseware mindset to thinking in a business result mindset.

Don’t Eat the Elephant advises Myra Travin. Describing the changes we have seen, we will see, and how to stay connected to change.

DIY – Your First xAPI Project, by Sean Putman points out the danger zones and highways to success in building custom xAPI support in a small team.

Data-Driven Reuse with xAPI, by Chris Van Wingerden draws the connection between content strategy and xAPI. Building different types of content for different contexts and how xAPI helps to bring all of the content together.

Competency-Based Learning and xAPI at Thomson Reuters by Nick Washburn describes a use case for xAPI at a large company who cares about competencies, not smile sheets.

Why Vendors Should Support cmi5 by Art Werkenthin explains how cmi5 solves some of the challenges people have experienced with SCORM.


Cohorts are changing. Find out what happened to ADL’s design cohort and how to join TorranceLearning’s new learning cohorts.

Want to participate in a hackathon focused on xAPI with the crème de la crème of learning analytics people near the Scottish highlands? We have just the event for you.

The videos from xAPI Camp Toronto are ready to watch, check them out here.

A few new entries have appeared across the registries. Find out more here.

More xAPI events! Feel free to ping us if you know of events which should be added.



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