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What’s In A Name? Expanding the Vocabulary of xAPI, by Jason Haag introduces the new xAPI companion specification for vocab.

Life in a Post-SCORM World Part 2: Courseware Tools & LMS, by Megan Torrance guides instructional designers and developers on ways to start using xAPI with their current LMS and authoring tools.

Skills Intelligence: beyond business intelligence with xAPI, by Megan Bowe puts the meat on the proverbial learning and development bone with a framework for skills based data strategy.


There’s a new book coming out called Investigating Performance. This book is written by Janet Laane Effron and Sean Putman. It specifically speaks to L&D using xAPI data, sign up to be notified when the first mini book is ready!

The videos from xAPI Camp Autodesk are ready to watch, check them out here.

ADL released the xAPI vocabulary companion specification. This outlines how profiles, recipes, and data should be used across implementations. This spec is key to xAPI’s interoperability. Read the primer to get started.

Want to participate in a hackathon focused on xAPI with the crème de la crème of learning analytics people near the Scottish highlands in April? We have just the event for you.

More xAPI events! Feel free to ping us if you know of events which should be added.

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