Summer, 2016 | Table of Contents


In this issue, Sean Putman triumphantly returns with two new articles on best practices for using javascript to customize the xAPI data from Captivate and Storyline.

Duncan Welder put together a guide to help you use what’s already in your infrastructure. Check out Leveraging Existing Technology for xAPI Data

Megan Torrance continues her series of post-SCORMpocalypse guidance. This article focuses on helping you begin navigating the world of LRS’.  Take a look at Life in a Post-SCORM World Part 3: When will you need an LRS?

We have a new author this issue. Please welcome Jim Harris! Jim would like you to take a bit of time to reflect on the potential for xAPI and Learning Analytics. Read this What would you do if you knew? xAPI Musings


There are a bunch of job openings looking specifically for people with xAPI knowledge. If you’re looking to make a change, check these out.

Jim Harris attended Jisc’s Learning Analytics Network Meeting and shared what he learned. Read more about that here.

A book by Janet Laane Effron and Sean Putman is in the works. It’s called Investigating Performance. There’s a collection of excerpts from the book available now.

While there isn’t much new in the way of Vocabulary, there are a couple events coming up. Please let us know if you know of events which should be added to this list of events.

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