xAPI and Learning Analytics – Updates from Jisc’s Learning Analytics Network Meeting

By Jim Harris (Learning Designer, University of Northhampton)

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The 7th Learning Analytics Network meeting was held at Newman University on 22nd June 2016. Organised by Jisc (Joint Information Systems Committee).

It opened with an update on the Effective Learning Analytics project and service development initiative (you may have heard of them through this post from Megan Bowe about the xAPI Hackathon and xAPI Camp Jisc hosted in the UK in April 2016). Jisc are developing a Learning Analytics service, from data readiness through integration to the Learning Record Warehouse built on HT2 Learning’s LRS Learning Locker, learning analytics via Tribal’s Student Insights, along with other partners and vendors in the development of a standard Learning Analytics Architecture built around the xAPI specification.

The Overview

Niall Sclater hosted the event (Consultant working with Jisc on the project, Niall co-authored Jisc’s Code of Practice for Learning Analytics

Paul Bailey (Senior co-design manager) presented a project status update

Expressions of interest from over 80 FE/HE Institutions into the Effective Learning Analytics project, with 35 actively engaged with Jisc at different stages of the project, and 19 in the implementation phase (figures have risen since last count in May 2016).

Rob Wyn (Special Projects Consultant) presented Analytics (Universal) Data Definitions – https://github.com/jiscdev/analytics-udd

Michael Webb (Director of technology and analytics) presented an overview of the architecture , the first reveal of the student app, and the administrative interfaces

Overview of Jisc’s xAPI Recipes on Github was also shared- https://github.com/jiscdev/xapi-vle

For more information, please check out http://www.slideshare.net/JISC/the-case-for-learning-analytics-jisc-digifest-2016 – presentations from the actual event to be released soon.

Jim-JISC Jim Harris is a digital spanner, spanning almost 20 years in eLearning Development, but 30 years as a code monkey (10 PRINT “Hello xAPIQuarterly”; 20 GOTO 10) with an interest in finding improvements to provide opportunity for improvement. Working as a Learning Designer, he is focussed on supporting academics embrace and embed Technology-Enhanced Learning for cultural and pedagogical shifts to support the blended learning approach to Teaching and Learning at the University of Northampton as we move to the no-lecture room Waterside Campus in 2018. Feel free to follow @jimdharris and DM to start the conversation.

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