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xAPI Software Certification Research Effort – October 17, 2016

The Data Interoperability Standards Consortium (DISC) is kicking off two months of research to design a Learning Record Store (LRS) software certification program to promote interoperability among tools using xAPI. This meeting is open to all with information focused on organizational stakeholders who are adopting or intend to adopt xAPI and vendors with LRS (or LRS-containing) products who will want their software certified. Register for the webinar


xAPI/Caliper Discovery Session – Tempe, AZ – November 9, 2016
Following up from IMS Global’s hosted discussion on xAPI and Caliper, there will be a follow-up session on Wednesday November 9 open to the public (registration required).

xAPI Camp: DevLearn – Las Vegas – November 15, 2016
The largest xAPI Camp of 2016 will take place at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas, NV the day before DevLearn begins. Register through the eLearning Guild.

The DISC Roundtable, xAPI Central at DevLearn – Las Vegas – November 16-17, 2016
xAPI Central is a dedicated space in the DevLearn Expo Hall. In this area you will be able to connect with a host of vendors that are already using xAPI in their products, see actual applications of xAPI in practice, and learn from the vendors that are building them. It’s your one-stop shop to connect and learn from those that are leading the way for organizations around the world to gain insights into learning and performance with the Experience API.

The DISC Roundtable

Many of the vendors in xAPI Central work together through the Data Interoperability Standards Consortium, or DISC. DISC’s xAPI Roundtable will serve as the main hub of xAPI Central. At the DISC Roundtable, you’ll be able to learn about all of the different vendors and organizations currently supporting and leveraging xAPI. There will be informal discussions scheduled throughout expo hours to learn from and chat with recognized industry leaders in xAPI. The DISC Roundtable is also where you’ll be able to learn about the work being done through DISC to shape where vendors and stakeholders take xAPI into the future.

It is a definitive source of credible, factual and unbiased information addressing this growing community of vendors and organizational stakeholders, collaborating to make sure different enterprise software, applications and data using xAPI work together.

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