Instrumenting xAPI in Forums & Discussion Groups


  1. Thanks for sharing! A very detailed instructional article.
    What could be considered are:
    1. Structure and features of the forum tool will impact statement design, since most of the time you can’t change product design, e.g. some applications can not give each reply a unique id, how many levels can replies have(e.g. reply to reply… so we need to keep statement design flexible), some forums allow you to give emotional responses instead of only vote up/down (which is a good thing to know user’s emotion) …etc.
    2. To distinguish between online discussion and face-to-face discussion by different activityType (our AcrossX vocab. do so)
    3. I suggest to record timespent(duration) of user composing/editing/reading the discussion content is worthwhile, and even better, the content body.(in “result”)
    4. We have a use case that a user can post questions into online forum from a video, we do record and visualize that structure relationship.
    Just some thoughts. 🙂

  2. And, if the forum allows users to add tags or @mention(agent) to the discussion, we definitely want to record them.

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