About the xAPI Quarterly

xAPI Quarterly curates the many voices of xAPI to make it easy for everyone to find the most up-to-date, definitive information about xAPI at a given time. We all have needs for news, changes, and updates to vocabulary and profiles to be consistently shared because the as a specification, xAPI is still developing. What was a best practice a few months ago might not be today.

If you’re looking for the basics about what xAPI is, visit experienceapi.com or learnxapi.com.

If you’re looking for case studies and open source tools, visit tryxapi.com or connectionsforum.com.

There are two parts to this publication.

  • First, articles that move discussions forward on many topics around xAPI. The articles selected for publication will often be influenced by the most recent xAPI Camps. The people who come to these camps are pushing the boundaries and having tough conversations that need to be had. These articles may build on presentations at xAPI Camp, telling the next part of those open ended stories. As well, we sometimes have opportunity to dive deeply into case studies we all can learn from. Publishing this, we can share beyond the walls of a given camp.
  • Second, the xAPI Index. Right? How exciting is an index? We know it’s not, but we all share major gaps that are best filled. There are multiple vocabulary registries. They overlap and disconnect a fair amount. There are communities of practice defining profiles, but their work is scattered. Finding the most recent information about the progress of a CoP, or even what CoPs are new or active, is a challenge. What this index will do is list everything that exists as we know it. Rather than create another registry, we’re starting with making one definitive place to find all the terms across every registry.

Your cruise directors

Together we form MakingBetter. We work with organizations and products to make xAPI work. We organize Connections Forum’s xAPI Camps. The xAPI Quarterly is our next big step in bringing industry and community together to make working with xAPI easier for all of us.

Aaron E. Silvers (@aaronesilvers) is a designer, technologist and strategist. He’s helped learning technologies like SCORM and the Experience API (xAPI) find massive adoption. Through MakingBetter Aaron helps companies make full use of xAPI. He is the co-founder and co-organizer of the seminal community, “Up to All of Us.” Aaron led the IEEE Learning Technology Standards Committee researching how to best standardize xAPI. The result is the creation of a new industry consortium to steer xAPI’s growth and evolution, its associated specifications and best practices.

Megan Bowe (@meganbowe) is a learning technology product manager, turned standards evangelist and data strategist. Megan works on projects that need a wide angle lens to focus on learning, data portability, and formative analysis.Through MakingBetter, Megan helps people design reporting, data strategy, and products. At Knewton, Megan managed APIs and integration strategies that bring adaptivity into various learning applications. At Rustici Software, Megan helped to launch the Experience API working with the earliest of adopters on design and implementation. She co-created “Up to All of Us,” a community focusing on advancing learning, design, and technology.

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