Flipping the Model: Using data to quantify the informal learning experience

By Megan Torrance, CEO TorranceLearning

The Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum provides a rich STEM-based informal learning experience for visitors with over 250 exhibits in 40,000 square feet of Museum floor, along with classroom, outreach, and distance learning programs. Over 38,000 students in over 675 class field trip groups visit the Museum every year. [Read more…]

Life in a Post-SCORM World Part 3: When will you need an LRS?

Megan Torrance (CEO, TorranceLearning)


In a SCORM-based environment, the learning & development team’s tools primarily consist of courseware development tools and the learning management system(s) (LMS) that will house the resulting elearning courses and assessments. Courseware development tools reduce the workload associated with SCORM compliance for the LMS to just a click and a drop-down box. The LMS is often the center of the corporate learning universe, capturing all those SCORM transactions and making them available for reporting. (Of course, your LMS is likely to support other functions that don’t have anything to do with SCORM such as instructor-led class registration and management, virtual class sessions, document repository and e-signature, portal pages and dashboards, and reporting. It may also integrate with performance and talent management and even other business systems.)

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Life in a Post-SCORM World Part 2: Courseware Tools & LMS

sketchnote TorranceMegan Torrance (CEO, TorranceLearning)


In the Winter 2016 xAPI Quarterly, I answered two questions I often field from instructional designers who are just getting into xAPI. Those two questions are the start of a journey. They help you define a business case for using something more flexible than SCORM, and they’re going to help you move down the path in terms of designing learning interventions.

Before long, though, you’ll need to actually create those learning interventions and that’s where the next two questions will help In this article, I’ll share answers to the next two questions.

  1. “Can I do this with my current courseware development tools?
  2. “Can I do this with my current LMS?”

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Life in a Post-SCORM World, Part 1

by Megan Torrance (President, TorranceLearning)

5 Moments of Learning NeedI spend a great deal of time talking with instructional designers and learning & development leaders about xAPI, and I get a lot of questions. Most are new to the concept, and they’re taking in a giant fire hose of information all at once. It’s hard for these professionals to know where to start, particularly because adopting xAPI successfully requires a mindset shift. [Read more…]