Building a Nervous System for Autodesk

By Adam Menter (Autodesk)

In order to survive in today’s world, organizations need to be able to listen deeply to their customers and act quickly based on the understanding and insights gleaned.

Organizational systems, structures, and incentives can get in the way of both listening and acting constructively. To succeed, the shape and structure of organizations may have to change. [Read more…]

Flipping the Model: Using data to quantify the informal learning experience

By Megan Torrance, CEO TorranceLearning

The Ann Arbor Hands-On Museum provides a rich STEM-based informal learning experience for visitors with over 250 exhibits in 40,000 square feet of Museum floor, along with classroom, outreach, and distance learning programs. Over 38,000 students in over 675 class field trip groups visit the Museum every year. [Read more…]

xAPI Badging and Achievements at the University of Southern California (USC-ICT)

By Nick Washburn (Director Learning Division, Riptide Software)


The University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technologies (USC-ICT) is a US Army University Affiliated Research Center (UARC). Our team has been utilizing xAPI in our work with the University of Southern California’s (USC) Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT).

[Read more…]

Competency Based Learning and xAPI at Thomson Reuters

By Nick Washburn (Director Learning Division, Riptide Software)

Thomson Reuters Westlaw xAPI Tracking WorkflowThomson Reuters uses an xAPI enabled training overlay to provide inline, competency based training for their Westlaw product. Westlaw is a major online legal research software product. [Read more…]

The Generation Challenge: Articulating the Problem Definition

By Ben Erlandson (CTO, McKinsey Social Initiative)


This article extends a conversation held at xAPI Camp Amazon during July 2015 in Seattle, where we discussed the role xAPI could play in the scaling of the Generation employment program.  [Read more…]