Why Profiles are Important to xAPI Right Now

by: Megan Bowe

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Vocabulary | Fall, 2015

This is the place where we will update you on any new vocabulary we learn of, inside and outside of profiles.

First Update! We scraped the Rustici registry and ADL’s controlled vocabulary to fill up the index. [Read more…]

Events | Fall, 2015

xAPI Camp: DevLearn – Las Vegas – September 29, 2015

xAPI Camp: CSTD – Toronto – November 17, 2015

xAPI Camp: Autodesk – San Francisco – February 11, 2015

xAPI Camp: JISC – London – April 22, 2015

xAPI Camp Learning Solutions – Orlando – March 15

xAPI Camp mLearnCon – Austin – June 7, 2015

Profiles | Fall, 2015

We are tracking all known¬†communities of practice and every known published profile¬†of xAPI. [Read more…]

What is CMI5 and Why Should You Care?

By: Art Werkenthin

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