Fall, 2016 | Events

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Fall, 2016 | Opportunities

40+ Job Opportunities seeking xAPI Heroes.

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Excerpts from Investigating Performance

Investigating-Performance-iBooksExcerpts from Investigating Performance: Design and Outcomes with xAPI is available now! Written by the brilliant duo – Janet Laane Effron and Sean Putman. This is available now as an ebook, anticipating the full book publication in the early Fall. This minibook explores the basics of data-driven design and working with data. You can get a copy right here, right now.

Job Openings!

Who is hiring people to work with xAPI? The answer will surprise you. From instructional design to development to data science, there are many jobs open now which require xAPI knowledge. Autodesk, Amazon, NYU Langone Medical Center, and more!

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xAPI and Learning Analytics – Updates from Jisc’s Learning Analytics Network Meeting

By Jim Harris (Learning Designer, University of Northhampton)

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 2.28.24 PM

The 7th Learning Analytics Network meeting was held at Newman University on 22nd June 2016. Organised by Jisc (Joint Information Systems Committee).

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What’s In A Name? Expanding the Vocabulary of xAPI


By Jason Haag (SETA Contractor, ADL)


Most people are familiar with the famous quote, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” In other words, if you call a rose something else, it still smells the same. This affectionate Shakespeare reference highlights that the names of things alone do not affect what they really are. Vocabulary has been a key concern for the xAPI community, especially those working in analytics. The new vocabulary companion specification takes a big step forward for our community. 
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News for youse: xAPI Camp Autodesk Videos

The videos of the presentations from xAPI Camp Autodesk are available now. Watch them here!

News for Youse: Investigating Performance, the book.

There’s a new book coming out called Investigating Performance. This book is written by Janet Laane Effron and Sean Putman. It specifically speaks to L&D using xAPI data, sign up to be notified when the first mini book is ready!

News for Youse: xAPI Companion Vocabulary Spec

This spec was released in February 2016 and it’s very important to the growth and future interoperability of xAPI. Jason Haag wrote an article in this quarter’s journal introducing the spec. Check out Jason’s article here or head straight down the rabbit hole right here.

News for Youse | Jisc/Apereo Learning Analytics Hackathon

By Megan Bowe (Partner, MakingBetter)

This hackathon is happening as a preconference activity to the SOLAR’s Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference (LAK16) in Edinburgh. The hackathon will be two days, April 25th and 26th. We’re psyched because this hackathon will focus on interoperability, particularly in xAPI vocabulary. [Read more…]