Continuous Improvement at Industry-Scale

by Aaron E. Silvers (President & Executive Director, The Data Interoperability Standards Consortium)

For 15 years, I’ve participated in the industry of Learning & Development – an industry that touts continuous improvement. There are many books, many conference sessions and workshops and many many blog posts that talk about Continuous improvement as a method of Learning & Development. It’s through practitioners that the capacity for continuous improvement is developed organization by organization. [Read more…]

Why Do We Need Interoperability Anyway?

By Kirsty Kitto, Senior Lecturer in Data Science, University of Technology Sydney

Many educational institutions and workplace training units have invested a large amount of money in purchasing various educational technology solutions. Often this is only the start of their investment. They also need to work on integrating new acquisitions with other information systems, and ensuring that legislated reporting requirements and professional obligations are met. Often these systems end up very tightly integrated, it is such a nightmare to replace one item that change does not come without a lot of pain. So, it is easy to see that embracing new EdTech solutions comes at a cost… is interoperability important enough to go through the pain that might be required to achieve it? [Read more…]

News for Youse: Investigating Performance, the book.

There’s a new book coming out called Investigating Performance. This book is written by Janet Laane Effron and Sean Putman. It specifically speaks to L&D using xAPI data, sign up to be notified when the first mini book is ready!

Events | Winter, 2016

We don’t want you all to get too excited, but the JISC/Apereo Learning Analytics Hackathon is going to focus on xAPI! This hackathon takes place before LAK 16 (Learning Analytics and Knowledge Conference). Profiles and vocabulary interoperability will be the main topics. This is a perfect group of people to tackle this and a great environment to work in. Please join us if you have the vocab itch.

[Read more…]

Vocabulary | Fall, 2015

This is the place where we will update you on any new vocabulary we learn of, inside and outside of profiles.

First Update! We scraped the Rustici registry and ADL’s controlled vocabulary to fill up the index. [Read more…]

Events | Fall, 2015

xAPI Camp: DevLearn – Las Vegas – September 29, 2015

xAPI Camp: CSTD – Toronto – November 17, 2015

xAPI Camp: Autodesk – San Francisco – February 11, 2015

xAPI Camp: JISC – London – April 22, 2015

xAPI Camp Learning Solutions – Orlando – March 15

xAPI Camp mLearnCon – Austin – June 7, 2015

Profiles | Fall, 2015

We are tracking all known communities of practice and every known published profile of xAPI. [Read more…]