xAPI Badging and Achievements at the University of Southern California (USC-ICT)

By Nick Washburn (Director Learning Division, Riptide Software)


The University of Southern California’s Institute for Creative Technologies (USC-ICT) is a US Army University Affiliated Research Center (UARC). Our team has been utilizing xAPI in our work with the University of Southern California’s (USC) Institute for Creative Technologies (ICT).

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xAPI-enabled Mobile Health System with Context-Awareness & Recommendation Engine for Patients

by Jessie Chuang (Co-founder, Classroom Aid)

Smartchair App

The movie “Big Hero 6”is a fun Disney movie. Its main character,Baymax, is a personal health companion – a huggable robot that takes personalized care of your health. If possible, do you want to give your family member who’s sick one personal health companion? My first boss taught me “you must tell the conclusion at the beginning of your report”, so here is my conclusion – xAPI is a very effective tool for mobile health — to help us build a Baymax! [Read more…]

Fall, 2016 | Events

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Fall, 2016 | Opportunities

40+ Job Opportunities seeking xAPI Heroes.

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Summer, 2016 | Table of Contents

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Excerpts from Investigating Performance

Investigating-Performance-iBooksExcerpts from Investigating Performance: Design and Outcomes with xAPI is available now! Written by the brilliant duo – Janet Laane Effron and Sean Putman. This is available now as an ebook, anticipating the full book publication in the early Fall. This minibook explores the basics of data-driven design and working with data. You can get a copy right here, right now.

Job Openings!

Who is hiring people to work with xAPI? The answer will surprise you. From instructional design to development to data science, there are many jobs open now which require xAPI knowledge. Autodesk, Amazon, NYU Langone Medical Center, and more!

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Captivate Javascript xAPI Customization | Best Practices for xAPI

By Sean Putman (VP Learning and Development, Altair Engineering)


In the first article I wrote about Captivate and xAPI. I looked at how Captivate dealt with xAPI out of the box. I created a course and published it with no customization and I got a set of statements. Since Captivate can execute JavaScript I wanted to look at how to extend Captivate to provide a better xAPI output.

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Leveraging Existing Technology for xAPI Data

By Duncan Welder (Director of Client Services, RISC)

duncan - 1 (1)

Amidst all the excitement in the learning community about the possibilities of xAPI, the main question I hear from people exploring xAPI is, “Where do I start?” When faced with the opportunity to track almost any activity, it’s often hard to determine where to begin.

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xAPI and Learning Analytics – Updates from Jisc’s Learning Analytics Network Meeting

By Jim Harris (Learning Designer, University of Northhampton)

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 2.28.24 PM

The 7th Learning Analytics Network meeting was held at Newman University on 22nd June 2016. Organised by Jisc (Joint Information Systems Committee).

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